Tootsie Sizes

How to find the perfect size of Tootsies!

When ordering booties, you will want to measure your little ones feet. I do not go off of standard shoe sizes. If you are unable to measure the feet please send me a message and I can help! If you are able to measure his or her feet, I recommend placing their foot on a piece of paper and marking lines and then measuring the line. We can then go up about a 1/4" to 1/2" for wiggly toes, for mama sizes add 1/2" for seam allowances. I hope this helps answer some questions. :) Here are the sizes of booties/boots I offer:


Size Squish-measures 3.75” fits newborns
Size A-measures 4" fits 0-3m
Size B-measures 4.25" fits 3-6m
Size C-measures 4.5" fits 6-9m
Size D-measures 4.75"  fits 9-12m
Size E-measures 5" fits 12-18m 
Size F-measures 5.25" fits 18-24m
Size G- measures 5.5" fits 24-30m 
Size H-measures 5.75" fits 30-36m
Bigger kiddo sizes:
Size I-measures 6” 
Size J-measures 6.5” 
Size K-measures 7” 
Size L-measures 7.5” 
Size M-measures 8” 
Size N-measures 8.5” 
Mama Sizes:
Size 5-measures 9" 
Size 6-measures 9.5" 
Size 7.5-measures 10" 
Size 8.5-measures 10.25" 
Size 9.5-measures 10.5" 
Size 10.5-measures 10.75" 
Size 12-measures 11" 


Booties, shortie boots and tall boots come in baby, big kiddo and mama size.