Monsoon Shortie Boots---All Sizes

Monsoon Shortie Boots---All Sizes

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COMING SOON! Fabric is limited and I only have enough for a handful of shoes. 

This listing is for these adorable shortie boots in all the sizes I offer made with this Girasol Baby wrap. The wrap is called Monsoon. Hopefully i got all that correct. LOL It has been a few years and I forget all the terminology for wraps. Each pair will have diagonal stripes on the top portion of the shoes and vertical stripes on the toes. I highly recommend adding a toe guard to the sizes with gripper soles. 

Please measure your little ones foot flat on the ground for a proper measurement. For walking babes add 1/2" to their foot length and get that size. If you have questions feel free to message me on Facebook or email me at I am more than happy to help with any questions you have! 

Each pair is made with a cotton outer and polyester fleece inner. Size C and up will come with a durable rubber non slip sole. Each pair will have a coordinating color circle snap. If you would like a heart snap please message me.  If you would like a non slip sole on a smaller size please contact me. 

***Baby sizes***

Size Squish-measures 3.75”
Size A-measures 4" 
Size B-measures 4.25" 
Size C-measures 4.5" 
Size D-measures 4.75" 
Size E-measures 5"
Size F-measures 5.25" 
Size G- measures 5.5" 
Size H-measures 5.75" 
Size I-measures 6"

***Big Kiddo Sizes***

Size J-measures 6.5” 
Size K-measures 7” 
Size L-measures 7.5” 
Size M-measures 8” 
Size N-measures 8.5” 

***Mama Sizes***

Size 5-measures 9" 
Size 6-measures 9.5" 
Size 7.5-measures 10" 
Size 8.5-measures 10.25" 
Size 9.5-measures 10.5" 
Size 10.5-measures 10.75" 
Size 12-measures 11"