Tootsies are good for the Tootsies!

Tootsies Aren't Just Cute, They're Good For Your Feet!
What are you all up to this fine Wednesday evening? I'll tell you what *I'm* up to - a whole lotta nothing! I do want to ask you all though, how many of you have toddlers in the 1-2 age range? It's fun, right? I mean, I dare not leave my house without having already consumed a copious amount of coffee, BUT. It's a blast & a half!! ...cough.
Aren't they hilarious looking when they're first learning to walk? I always see myself in the way they walk... Myself at age 23 on a Friday night at least. Anyway, I was reminded of this today because, although my 17-month-old has been walking since he was 10 months old (truly awful kid), he still has absolutely no sense of balance & trips a LOT. And his clumsiness triples when I put regular shoes on him, which had to happen today (cue big sigh). I had to work in a dirty, dusty warehouse today & god forbid his sacred tootsies get a single speck of dust on them! The horror!! 
So basically, it was like I was hanging out with a 20-something drunken college student. Oy. But then I realized, maybe it isn't THAT bad that he primarily wears tootsies?? I mean, they are actually better for growing tootsies (see what I did there...) than hard sole shoes. Check these out!
This article says barefoot is best, but I think Tootsies are pretty darn close to that! 
Soo... Pretty good news, right?? Not only are Totally Tootsies quite possibly the cutest shoes I've EVER come across - they're also actually beneficial to new walkers! And to the older bebes who are just super uncoordinated, like my Caius. Heh. So go start stalking the Buy/Sell/Trade group ASAP!! ;)